What should I know about Karastan carpet flooring?

What should I know about Karastan carpet flooring?

The Karastan name is prevalent within the flooring community, having been in business for over 90 years, with a reputation for high-quality carpeting. As a result, Karastan carpets are one of the best options when shopping for new floors.

Karastan carpets come in all different colors and pile options. You can choose from a shag carpet to a low pile to short and soft rug.

Why choose Karastan

Karastan carpets can come in Wool, SmartStrand, wool blend, or Nylon. Along with different materials, there are different color and style options too.

Karastan produces loop, pattern, and textured carpets, and most style lines have these options. In addition, most styles come in 20 different colors, but some come in up to 40 other color options, giving you extensive choices.

Choose your options

When shopping a flooring company that sells Karastan carpets, please look at the catalog to see what they sell. Karastan offers different lines of styles, from animal print to casual and even floral print carpets.

Karastan makes timeless, beautiful, and high-quality carpets meant to last a long time. Caring for your Karastan carpet is like maintaining any carpet.

That means cleaning spills as soon as they happen and vacuuming them regularly to help extend your carpet's lifespan. When you have new floors, these tasks help give them the lifespan you deserve.

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