The New Homeowner's Guide to Carpeting

Once you have bought a new home, you have many tasks to complete, like choosing new flooring. When looking at carpet in Rockville, many choices are determined by what type and color you want and where you choose to install it. Read on to see a quick guide to choosing carpeting in your new home.

Choose where you want to install.

The key to finding the best carpeting is to choose where you want it installed. You can choose to carpet your entire home, but this will likely end up in increased maintenance and future carpeting installations. Go throughout your home and into each room, and make a list of each room that must be carpeted and those that would be nice to have carpeted. For example, almost all of your bedrooms should be carpeted, but you may wonder if you can also carpet your dining room and living room. Choosing to install in these rooms may come down to determining the rooms’ uses and how often you anticipate being in them.

Determine what type to install.

There are dozens of carpet types, such as cut pile, loop pile, nylon, and many others. Cut pile carpet can be softer but it will show more wear and tear. Loop pile carpets are generally more resilient, but they are not always the most comfortable flooring choice. You can also choose between different materials that will make your carpet more or less durable. There are many carpet brands that resist staining, mold growth, and other common damages.

Find the best color and design to install.

As a new homeowner, you have many design choices to make. Your carpet and other flooring choices will play a large role in your overall home design, so it is essential to consult with a qualified flooring designer and interior decorator before making permanent decisions. Carpet colors can range from neutral to bright and bold, so ensure the colors match your overall décor scheme.

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