The Truth Behind Myths About Hardwood Floors

Myths about hardwood flooring near Rockville are frequent and various. Many of these flooring myths are untrue, or they require more information to dispel. Let’s take a closer look at the truth behind some common myths about hardwood floors.

Myth #1: Hardwood floors require constant maintenance.

Just as you should maintain your other flooring, you can easily maintain your hardwood floors. These floors simply require light sweeping or vacuuming and regular mopping. If your floors lose their shine over time, then consult with your hardwood installer on the correct cleanser or wax to use.

Myth #2: Hardwood floors can’t take wear and tear.

There are so many hardwoods used for flooring, and they all have different levels of hardness and strength. If you are worried about a particular area of your home receiving more wear and tear than normal, ask your installer about the best hardwood to use for those high-traffic areas.

Myth #3: Hardwood floors are not eco-friendly.

You may be concerned that hardwood floors deplete forests or cause a strain on the environment. However, hardwood floors are a renewable and recyclable flooring material that produce less emissions during production than other flooring options. They can also keep your home cool during the summer months, which will cut down on your air conditioner usage and emissions.

Myth #4: Hardwood floors are too expensive.

While hardwood may be more expensive in the beginning, it will return your investment and provide other savings in the long run. Wood flooring can potentially last for hundreds of years, which is longer than almost every other flooring option. Hardwood floors can also return your investment should you ever choose to sell or rent out your house.

Myth #5: Engineered hardwood floors are not real wood.

If you are worried that engineered wood floors not made of real wood, then rest assured that you will still receive real wooden floors. Engineered hardwood floors are made up of layers of wood and wood composites, making them a great hardwood flooring option.


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