Shag Rug Vacuuming 101

Because of the aesthetic appeal and underfoot comfort that they offer, many people choose to add shag rugs to their interiors and place them over their tile, laminate, or hardwood flooring. However, keeping this type of rug clean can be tricky. If you have shag rugs as part of your home’s flooring near Rockville, then watch this video for some helpful vacuuming tips.

Shag rugs have a longer and denser pile than many other types of carpet, which allows dirt and debris to get down deep where it can be a challenge to remove. For this reason, weekly vacuuming should be part of your regular flooring maintenance. Additionally, you can flip your shag rugs a couple of times per year and vacuum the underside of the material with your vacuum’s beater bar feature activated to dislodge dirt and debris.

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