A Guide to Caring for Your Bamboo Flooring

Combining aesthetics, strength, and durability, bamboo is a flooring material that is growing in popularity. However, it’s important to realize that, much like with wood floors, a bit of maintenance is required to keep bamboo looking great long-term. If you recently installed bamboo flooring near Rockville, then read on to learn how to care for this material.

Protecting Bamboo Floors

Although bamboo is tough, this type of flooring can be vulnerable to scratching. For this reason, you can benefit from taking off your shoes before walking over the bamboo and wearing slippers while you’re indoors. Place mats and shoe storage at your doorways to remind and encourage people to take off their shoes, and remember to clean off the mats regularly to help prevent sand, pebbles, dust, and other debris from getting transferred onto your flooring where it may cause damage. Additionally, consider putting area rugs over the bamboo in high-traffic areas of your home.

Cleaning Bamboo Floors

To prevent them from being damaged and to keep them in optimal condition, clean your bamboo floors a minimum of once per week. In addition to sweeping, you can use a slightly damp mop to help keep your floors clean. Avoid using any non-alkaline cleaners because these may affect your flooring’s finish. When dealing with spills, clean up as much of the mess as possible with a dry cloth or towel, and then blot up anything that remains with a damp cloth. Dealing with spills right away can help prevent staining and water damage.

Maintaining Bamboo Floors

To help ensure that your bamboo flooring looks beautiful and cared for as it ages, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Regularly cleaning your floors and keeping them free of dust and debris will help maintain their appearance. Also, it’s important to clean up spills immediately because bamboo is vulnerable to damage from moisture. Finally, if you decide to wear shoes in your home, avoid walking on your bamboo flooring with cleated athletic shoes or high heels to help prevent dents and scratches.

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