Removing Stains from Your Hardwood Floors

Stains can occur at any time, and you may think your hardwood flooring is safer than carpet, but it can still become damaged from different staining elements. Watch the video to learn more information about sanding, refinishing, and removing stains from your hardwood floors in Rockville.

If you accidentally drop paint or drywall cement onto your hardwood flooring, ignore your first instinct to immediately wipe it away. If you try to wipe paint up from a wood floor, you risk smearing it further and pushing it into the porous cracks of the wood. Instead, let the paint dry and then scrape it off with a putty knife. If there is a permanent marker stain on your wood floors, then sprinkle dry cleaning powder over the area. You can wipe it up and remove the permanent marker stain with a dry, clean rag.

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