Finding Your Wood Flooring Fit

When looking for hardwood flooring, you have many choices between solid hardwood species and engineered wood planks. Finding the right wood flooring choice in Rockville can seem daunting, but you can make your decision within one or two flooring consultations. Continue reading to understand the difference between hardwood and engineered wood, and how that can help you find the right fit for your flooring.

Solid Hardwood

Hardwood is one of the best flooring choices, because it is beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly. With the right installation and ongoing maintenance, your hardwood flooring can last for decades. This lasting quality makes hardwood floors an environmentally sound choice as well, since you will not need to replace your flooring for many years. By choosing solid hardwood, you can choose from dozens of hardwood species. Depending on the grain patterns, colors, and durability you desire, there are several popular choices available with your flooring company.

Engineered Wood

If you are looking for wood flooring that requires less maintenance than solid hardwood, but is still as beautiful, then you may prefer engineered wood. This type of flooring is comprised of several layers of composite wood to make a secure and strong flooring plank. Engineered wood floors can come in a variety of species, colors, and grain patterns to match your interior décor. It will resist normal wear and tear that can scratch or dent solid hardwood. Engineered wood also does not need to be waxed or refinished like hardwood.

Hardwood Specie

No matter which wood flooring choice you make, there are several species to choose from. Which one you choose often depends on the look you want throughout your home or in a single room. Light tan or white-colored hardwood floors are used in contemporary-style homes, but these must be carefully maintained to avoid premature yellowing or an ashy appearance. Dark red or brown colors—usually made of cherry or chestnut wood—are classical colors that bring a sense of elegance to any home décor. During your flooring consultation, you can discuss the right hardwood floor choice for your home.

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